▣ The chronology of INTRAROS Co. Ltd. establishment and development

-2007 April 6th established INTRAROS
-2007 April 25th~until current date member of Korea International Trade Association
-2007 ~ 2009 Small and Medium Business Administration Russia Private Export Support Center
-2008 November 4th registered trade mark "INTRARICH"
-2009 – 2017 participated in exhibition MEDICA, Germany
-2011 July selected as Promising Export of Small and Medium Business from Small and Medium Business Administration
-2011 December 8th conversion to corporation ‘(CORPORATION)INTRAROS’
-2011 December received award of Top Export of Five Million Dollar
-2014 February 25th completed permit of manufacturing industry
-2016 May 18th completed registration of Food Import &Retail Business
-2017 March 7th recognized as Dept. Dedicated to Research and Development of Korea Industrial Technology Association
-2017 March 15th registered "INTRAROS" logo property rights
-2017 March 24th selected as MAIN-BIZ(Management Innovation Model Small and Medium Business)
-2012 November ~ currently majoring doctoral course in Eco-politics at MGIMO University, Russia