Since 1993, the Russian government enacted a law to obligate lots of products and to objective to protect people's health and safety, they introduced GOST-R system.
Original form or certified copy of suitability will be necessary not only in sale or marketing in Russiаn but also for customs in Russia.
The registered GOST-R mark (certification of suitability / standard mark) will be remarked on products and shows suitability of Russian standard.
This mark is composed of COST-R certification system mark and registered number of certification organization (ex: BZ 03).


GOST-R on all products sold in Russia is applied.
1) Consumer Goods like Food, Fiber, Textile, Cosmetics, Toys
2) Mechanical, Electrical products, Medical devices
3) Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Construction and Industrial Equipment of other industries


1) 18 Compulsory Certification +350 Self-certification systems
2) All-Russia coverage
3) The Function of Compulsory Certification
    a. Custorns documents
    b. License to sell
    c. Advertising and publicity
    d. Delegated authority