INTRAROS is an international company with headquarters in Korea and branches abroad.
Our main direction is the production and world-wide supply of advanced medical equipment and consumable products of high quality which are innovational and not yet presented in the international market.
All products of INTRARICH brand name have international quality certificates.
Our specialists are constantly working on improvement and development of our production in order to supply top quality brand-new products as we realize how important are the medical products in everyday people’s life. It is great responsibly and honor for our Company to help people feel better, bring relief and improve the quality of people’s life.

We are open to new partnership and do our best to develop and maintain long-term cooperation with both our Customers and Partners.
At present INTRAROS has branch office in Moscow, Russia.
Our team is represented by medical product specialists who speak fluent English.

Our company offers a wide range of services:

  • Delivery of OEM / ODM products.

  • International legal and medical registration services.

  • Market research.

  • Trade inquiries.

  • Support for business.


We aim to be the best international company specializing in medical equipment and consumable products, which is capable to meet the needs of growing markets and provide services of the highest quality.


Our mission is to supply healthcare providers and customers with high-quality medical products that help to improve patient care and increase the quality of people’s life.


Our vision is to be the leader at the market of medical care through developing the most cost-effective products and effective clinical solutions.
We are committed to constantly improving every part of our business in collaboration with our highly qualified employees and customers.