Our Company is a Union
of innovation and technology
with highest appreciation of
human health and needs.
Our mission is to develop and improve
Medical Service Industry
above all to improve people’s lives!

President of INTRAROS Co. Ltd

Our Company is the leading Exporter of high-tech medical products and materials for medicine. We provide the exclusive distribution of new generation medical equipment, materials for surgery, neurosurgery, dental surgery, stomatology, orthopedic, traumatology, implantology, cosmetology and products for health and beauty.
Our products have made their name by top quality, innovational methods and satisfaction of needs and high requirements of our Clients. Our team is constantly working under improvement of our production with our highly qualified specialists basing on technological development of Medical Industry. But above all we consider the needs of people who will use these products, so human health and safety are the highest priority for us.
We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our Clients on every stage of our cooperation and to support strong and long-lasting Partnership. Our Company is a reliable business Partner with perfect reputation.
Our mission is to supply high quality medical products as to Individual Clients as well as to Health Care Industry Services in order to improve the quality of medical Service and the quality of people’s lives!

JAE SUNG LEE Career Background

▣ Academic Background in Korea;
MA in Russian Language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

▣ Academic Background in Russia;
2012 November ~ currently majoring doctoral course in Eco-politics at MGIMO University, Russia

▣ Career Background -2001 July Third Small and Medium Business Administration selected as Foreign Market Expansion agent
-2007 April ~ until current date CEO of INTRAROS
-2007 April 25th ~ until current date member of Korea International Trade Association
-2007 ~ 2009 Director of Center of Small and Medium Business Administration Russia Private Export Support Center
-2008 March ~ 2009 February Economic Advisor at KOTRA Korea Investment Support Center
-2008 December 2nd commendation from Minister of Ministry of Knowledge
-2009 July 1st ~ 2013 July 1st 14, 15th Advisory Committee Member of National Unification Advisory Council
-2010 January ~ 2013 February Chairman of Small and Medium Business Association Conference at Russia
-2011 July selected as Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise from Small and Medium Business Administration
-2011 December received award of Top Export of Five Million Dollar
-2012 February 1st appointed as Moscow Unification Education Member from Ministry of Unification
-2012 June 11th KOTRA 50th annual anniversary speaker of “Global Start-up Business”
-2014~ up to current date member of Businessman Association Conference of Russia
-2015 December 7th commendation from Prime Minister on Trade day
-2016 March 16th commendation from Ministry of Trade and Industry Minister